Ukraine: The Masks of the Revolution: PLTV Documentary by Paul Moreira FULL 

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We still remember the images of the Ukrainians protesting against the power of corrupt and authoritarian rule of president Viktor Yanukovych, pro-Russian. It was in February of 2014, and the movement resulted in the fall of the regime of Kiev. But, two years after, the promises of liberty the new government is pro-western, have they been kept ? No, to believe in the remarkable investigation of Paul Moreira : because “the revolution has been armed and installed close to the power” of the president mr poroshenko far-right groups. With the support of Washington.

In Ukraine torn between pro-Ukrainians (in the west) and pro-Russians (in the east), the reporter has met the leaders of the radical nationalists : the former spokesperson of the extreme nationalists of the right Sector, Igor Mosiychuk, elected as an mp. Andriy Biletsky, the head of the battalion neo-nazi Azov. The leader of the fascist party Svoboda, Oleg Tiagnibok, currently in the opposition, refused him the interview. The police seemed overwhelmed by the activities of these armed bands. This is not her but the militia of right Sector, which controls the border with Crimea, annexed by Putin, and blocks all of the trucks for refueling.

The investigation of the “Special investigation” is also on the massacre in Odessa, may 2 2014, 42 activists pro-Russian, most of them burned alive in the fire of the House of trade Unions. Comment of the head of the local militia : “These bastards have tried to impose on us this fucking world Russian. They have deserved this death.”